What we do

REANNZ’s high performance network enables researchers to collaborate and contribute to world-leading research to benefit New Zealand and the world.

New Zealand’s universities and research institutes use REANNZ’s specialist network to move and share big data around the country and across the world – which isn’t possible using a standard network.  It’s like a private motorway for research and education traffic – it cuts transfer times for big data from months to weeks, and from days to minutes.  So, despite being a small country at the bottom of the world, it means our scientists and researchers can play a leading role in research and international partnerships to help solve the big issues of the day.

  • We’re a highly specialised network service provider that delivers New Zealand’s backbone network to connect New Zealand’s science, research and education community so they can collaborate and contribute.

  • As New Zealand’s designated National Research and Education Network (NREN), we’re also part of a club/community of over 120 countries who work together to provide a seamless global research and education network.

  • We enable New Zealand’s scientists and researchers to transfer (share/ access) big datasets across this local and global network, which isn’t possible using standard internet. It’s like a single baggage check in for long distance flights.

  • We’re part of New Zealand’s e-research infrastructure – our network supports high performance computing (like NeSI – National eScience Infrastructure) and the government’s aspirations for data-intensive research, to benefit the country and to contribute to global issues.

  • We’re not-for-profit – as a Crown-owned company we are a not-for-profit. Also, like all NRENs, we work on a not-for-profit basis to support global research; we do not charge other NRENs to use our national network (and vice versa).

  • We’re independent - we provide technical advice and develop solutions to meet members’ needs – we aren’t locked into or limited to a specific vendor or product range.

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