Tuakiri - Trust & Identity

Federated identity management.

Tuakiri provides trusted and secure federated identity and access management services for students, academics, researchers and staff from New Zealand’s research, science, innovation and education sectors to online content.


  • It’s seamless - users have single sign-on access to online content, services, subscriptions and resources for the research and education community.

  • Reduces costs and complexity - Tuakiri reduces the number of accounts that users and their IT support teams have to manage, saving costs and reducing complexity and security risks.

  • Secure - identity authentication is managed by your organisation, using your own directory and registration processes. No identity data is shared with us — it’s shared securely, directly between you and the service providers.

  • Enables access to over 70 online services including:

    NZ ORCID Hub (researcher identification)

    - My eQuals (Online academic credential and transcripts) 

    - NeSI (NZ eScience Infrastructure - computational research support)

    Check the Tuakiri Service Catalogue  

  • It's a community driven and funded initiative administered by REANNZ. It started in 2009 as an MBIE-funded project.

How it works

  • Your organisation applies to become an identity provider to the Tuakiri federation

  • We help you set up the access platform to enable the federated identity services.

  • You manage your organisation’s user directory and release only the required details to allow access to services.

  • Your users use their Tuakiri login as a single sign-on to use the service providers' websites and collaborate with other federation members.

Information for Service Providers

Further information for service providers

Tuakiri Services catalogue

The Tuakiri Service Catalogue lists the services and websites you can connect to using Tuakiri.

Tuakiri federation Members

Who is a member of the Tuakiri federation?

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