Cloud Connect

Leverage off your REANNZ network to connect with your cloud service provider.

REANNZ Cloud Connect Service enables members to use their existing high-performance REANNZ network connection to connect with the cloud service provider of their choice, achieving considerable cost savings and efficiencies for their organisation.

REANNZ Cloud Connect Service connects your cloud service provider and data centre, head office, or co-location environment. 

Features include


  • Uses your existing REANNZ network connection

  • Can be extended as Layer 2 or Layer 3 service

  • Can be plugged into the REANNZ Managed firewall service for existing members

  • Optional, IPSec as backup for redundancy

  • If you use AWS, your data egress fees will be waived; approved education institutions can negotiate a fee waiver with MS Azure.

  • REANNZ members can leverage off their membership to gain benefits through the Internet2 NET+ initiative to access other cloud services.

Choice of provider

  • Connect with the cloud service provider of your choice:  Amazon AWS DirectConnect and  Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute or ask about other options.

Secure connectivity

  • Our private dedicated connectivity provides predictable latency and high-performance access, from your premises or data centre to your cloud environment.

Reliability & performance

  • REANNZ delivers 99.9% reliable network connectivity.

  • REANNZ’s dedicated private connection will reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput and improve application performance.


  • Different bandwidths provide flexibility to scale up to meet changing requirements.

Further information and support

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